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PC KEATS - World Traveling in Downtown Melbourne

Best described as a wanderer, world traveler, and a free spirit, PC Keats has spent his life scouring the globe for food that defines cultures, and learning how to prepare them from the locals. He believes it is the food from local homes, watering holes, and street carts that produce the true foods of the culture. IN 2015, he finally opened a place where he can bring a sample of what he's found home to Brevard County to share with others who feel that same passion for culturally rich foods.

PC Keats has experienced most of the foods on his menu first-hand. From Phuket, Thailand to Bogota, Colombia and everywhere in between, his ever-present quest for culinary expertise of local cuisine in all parts of the earth has allowed him to amass a uniquely diverse collection of recipes, each with the personal touch of a native of that culture, resulting in truly authentic dishes.

This respect for authenticity is one of the things that makes PC Keats unique in the hospitality industry. His dedication to authentic ingredients, spices, recipes, and cooking methods has drawn rave reviews from Indians for their curry and chutney, Peruvians for their Lomo Saltado, Colombians for their empanadas and ajiaco, Filipinos for the spring rolls, and even Americans for their pizza.

PC Keats doesn't consider his menu itself exotic, but rather a memory album of humble foods shared with welcoming friends, reminiscent of good times in exotic places. Most of the ingredients he uses are either part of the familiar American diet, or a slight variation that none would be apprehensive about trying. The Ajiaco soup and the Veggie Sampler include a type of potato that only grows in the Andean region of South America. The Peri Peri sauce uses Bird's Eye Chili pepper from South Africa. The Yellow pepper aioli is made with Peruvian yellow pepper. He explains that it is the mix of the ingredients, the cooking method, or the presentation that makes them unusual and invariably delicious.

In addition to a full lunch and dinner menu, PC Keats offer brunch on Saturdays AND Sundays, a late night weekend menu, and a pizza menu full of interesting combinations of ingredients.

Recently, PC Keats unveiled an expanded menu full of exciting additions that has guests flocking in for a taste. If you are a fan of spicy foods, try the Thai Beef salad, the Naan and Chutneys, or the Peri Peri wings or chicken sandwich. Meat lover? The Lomo Saltado is one of the best beef dishes you will ever have. Gluten-sensitive? Substitute the bread in any burger or sandwich for an Arepa, a white corn fried flatbread. Vegan? They make the Lomo Saltado with Portobello and vegetable au jus!

PC Keats has been catering events for clients who want something totally out of the ordinary, from wedding rehearsal dinners to wedding receptions, to corporate events. They can also host your event of up to 180 people at their location.

Located in downtown Melbourne, this unique establishment will have you and your friends talking for weeks about your experience. We invite you to eat and drink around the world at PC Keats.

Located at 829 E. New Haven Avenue, Melbourne, FL in the heart of Downtown Melbourne. Click Here for More Info



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